MasterClass: Indiefilm Investor Pitching

MasterClass: Indiefilm Investor Pitching

Great movie ideas, like great business ideas, are not actionable unless they get the funding and resources needed to make it happen. Many believe that a good idea is all it takes to get funding, but what it really takes is a good pitch. Being able to effectively deliver a pitch is critical to your success, whether you are building your team, attracting talent, or raising money.

Yet many filmmakers struggle to create and present a pitch that brings results. So, how do you develop a good pitch? While we've done a few workshops to help filmmakers get feedback on their pitches, a lot of filmmakers just don't understand how to structure a pitch. So Producer Foundry has teamed up with Chris Aguilar to bring you a primer on building a pitch that will get Results.

Chris has heard more than 2,000 pitches for an investment bank, and in his time there that bank raised more than 3 Billion dollars for it's clients. He's an Expert at knowing what it takes to get that "Yes."

Topics to Be Covered

Philosophy of a Pitch
Elements of a Pitch (use some, lose some)
The Human Factors – Yours and the Audience’s
Practice, Practice, Practice!

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MasterClass: Indiefilm Investor Pitching

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